It would be extremely difficult for me to remain non-violent when it seems as though no change was happening. A lot of energy was put in for African Americans to strive on without violence to get their point across. There is a great possibility that I would not have the bravery or courage to endure the hate and violence. The racial slurs, beatings, and Jim Crow laws would be something that would upset me if I was living in that time period. I would definitely not be able to maintain peace. I know I would fight back literally with violence. For example if I was told I had to sit in the back of the bus for my race I would be extremely irate. I would definitely throw a couple of punches to get what I want. My actions would not help in overcoming racial differences. I’m pretty sure they would cause more problems between whites and blacks. I find all African Americans extremely courageous, because there would be no way I could endure violence and not respond back to it.