"We Were There" - First Hand Account Videos

"We were there" assign / notes / pix / script / video / rubric / saving instructions

What was it like to be present at the greatest events of the Civil Rights movement? Here is your chance to tell the story from the perspectives of people who were there - first hand. In this assignment, partner teams will research, write, record, and produce a 1-2 minute video telling the story of one of the major events of the Civil Rights movement. Your video should provide some context, tell the story of the event, incorporate primary source material, relate the impact of the event, and tell the story with images and vocal. You will be using Windows Movie Maker to complete your final product, and you and your partner should use your wiki(s) to organize your notes and images, write your script, create your video, and publish your video online.

Check the examples that I have provided and use the following guidelines ...

NOTES - Use at least one print resource and one online resource to take notes about your topic of choice. your notes should become a page on your Unit 8 wiki, along with the citations for the sources - "We were there" notes
IMAGES - Find 5-10 images that help you tell the story, keep them in a folder on a shared space or a flash drive, and list the citations on a wiki page - "We were there" pix
SCRIPT - Collaborate on a script for a 1-2 minute first hand account. It should be told by two people, so it follows a "we were there" format - "We were there" script
VIDEO - Using Movie Maker, you will make a short video with your narrated script and images to tell your story. "We were there" video

RUBRIC - Make sure you check the rubric for your final product!

Little Rock Nine
Birmingham Protestors in 1963
Follower of Cesar Chavez
Greensboro Sit-Ins
James Meredith
Member of AIM at Alcatraz or Wounded Knee
Freedom Summer Volunteer
March on Washington, 1963
Member of NOW
Freedom Riders
Follower of Malcolm X
March to Selma