4 different and detailed reasons why people began to protest the war in Vietnam
1. The United States was misjudging the capacity of North Vietnam to endure war. It was underrating nationalism as a force in the world.
2. The United States was failing to recognize the limitations of hightech equipment in fighting a ground war in Asia.
3. The U.S. military was not telling the truth about the war. It was not being won. U.S. victories were being exaggerated; defeats minimized.
4. The South Vietnamese government was corrupt. Political stability in South Vietnam was impossible.
5. President Nixon's "Vietnamization" program was a charade. Even with U.S. training, assistance and logistic support, South Vietnam was incapable of defending itself.
6. U.S. bombing was not seriously threatening Hanoi's capacity to wage war.
7. U.S. ground operations never established any real, lasting security in the South Vietnamese countryside.
8. The so-called pacification program was not winning Vietnamese "hearts and minds."
9. The American public would wear out. Pictures of the world's greatest superpower killing or seriously injuring 1,000 noncombatants a week was not a pretty one.
10. The war effort was causing a costly distortion in the American national consciousness and in the world image of the United States.

3 different and detailed methods people used to protest the war

3 descriptions of different people or groups of people who protested the war in Vietnam
  • 3 descriptions of different people or groups of people who protested the war in Vietnam
  • - people with left-wing political opinions who wanted an NLF victory
  • - pacifists who opposed all wars
  • - liberals who believed that the best way of stopping the spread of communism was by encouraging democratic,
2 excerpts of lyrics from Vietnam era protest songs
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At least 5 different images that symbolize the antiwar movement (the images can also go along with the annotations)