Turning Points Blog Posts

May 7 - Unit 8 Preview - After listening to the introduction to Unit 8, what are you looking forward to in history over the next few weeks?

May 9 - Would you have been able to use civil disobedience and non-violence? - respond after listening to and watching video clips

May 11 - Martin Luther King Jr. - respond to the MLK reading and posted questions on your blog

May 14 - Has MLK's "dream" been realized? - analysis of stats and suggestions from MLK's Dream page

May 16 - 10 Things Everyone Should Know About the Korean War - from readings and online sources

May 21 - Times of Change -blog postings - Dubious Crusade, History, The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

May 22 - Times of Change - blog postings - Jack Smith, Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die Rag

May 23 - Times of Change - blog posting - Farmer Nguyen, Massacre at My Lai, A Nun at Ninh Hoa

May 28 - Times of Change - blog posting - Born on the Fourth of July, Stop the Sun, To Heal a Nation